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rainyday_mirage's Journal

26 April
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"When I first saw you, standing in the morning dew,
Butterflies were dancing in your hair.
Holding you seemed as impossible as a dream.
As I reached out to touch you, you were no longer there.
How could I know that I’ve ever l e t y o u g o?
The butterflies & you were much too rare."

The Girl

This is me -- pain & simple You should never judge a book by it's cover, especially when it comes to me. My given name is Margaret although I have never been called that and therefore don't answer to it. Most people simply call me Pegs or Pooter, a hilarious nickname I picked up during my freshman year of high school. I was born April 26th 1986 during the Metswinning world series game. My dad spent the majority of the day pacing back and forth between the delivery and waiting room, hoping to catch any glimpse of the game he could. I am 20 years young and a Taurus to the T. My stubborn and impatient bull-like qualities are two of my biggest flaws. I have an infectious and bubbly personality and I will always make you laugh, no matter how much of an ass I have to make of myself. I am equally as complex as I am simple and I prove daily to be one big walking contradiction. I despise judgmental people and I always try to greet people with an open mind. Even with that approach towards others I am my own worst critic and hold myself to ridiculous standards. I am somewhat of a scatter brain and always obsessively checking my day-planner throughout the day. Without it and the many lists I have for my other lists, I would never get anything accomplished and be completely disoriented and lost. I live west of Denver, Colorado but I keep my heart in the boondocks. I am very much the small town girl I was always pretending not to be and I’ve learned that from my recent move out west. I love Vermont and the small backwards islands of Lake Champlain that I was born and raised on. My small town attitude suits me well and gives me an entirely different perspective on life then my Orange Co. born and raised fiancé. Josh and I have been officially together since .06.01.04 and in mid January of 2006 he returned home from a 12 month deployment to Iraq with the U.S. Army. Those 12 months were the ultimate test of our relationships strength and we have learned to appreciate the precious time we spend with one another. Waking up next to him and just being able to kiss him whenever is something that will never get old or go under appreciated. I plan on obtaining a masters in Speech & Language Pathology from the University of Colorado at Boulder along with a degree in Psychology. From there who knows where life will take me but I will always be reaching for the stars.


My U.S. Soldier; Watermelon flavored lip gloss; Vogue Magazine; Thunder & Lightening Storms; Good morning kisses; Pickles; Black & White Photography; Large Handbags; Real Vermont Maple Syrup; Drunken phone calls/texts in the middle of the night; Tiffany’s; Coco Chanel; Making collages;; Men In Uniform; UGGs; backrubs; Cuddling with my choco puppy, Titan; Cocktails with the Girls; Karaoke nights; Photo booth film strips; Organizations i.e. Making lists; Polka Dots; Target Shopping sprees


Calls without Caller ID; The cotton ball in unopened medicine bottles; Knock-off Louis Vuitton purses; Extreme amounts of snow; The guaranteed wait at the DMV; Snakes or anything associated with them; Deployments; Cherry flavored anything; Politics; Hangovers; People who drive with their turn signal on yet fail to do so; Doing laundry; People who don’t leave voicemails; Slow driving in the FAST lane of any sort


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